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Practical Engineering Knowledge


CivilTech‘s mission is to bring practical engineering knowledge to life.

Engineering is the interpretation of science brought to our modern life.

 CivilTech is where practical engineering knowledge will enrich our communities.

We see the gap between the engineering education and the field practice.

Gap in Practical Engineering Knowledge

To fill the gap between the engineering education and field practice, CivilTech offers practical engineering knowledge.  We offer   learning and mentor-ship opportunities for you to  seek  and maintain your professional engineering status and knowledge.


CivilTech  is a resource system of professional engineers gathered to assist you. We  believe in life long learning, and practical knowledge. We  believe in you and our union to bring engineering knowledge to life.

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If your home is Canada, or you are thinking of migrating to Canada, our first initiative is to educate you  toward obtaining:

Professional Engineer ( license  and

helping you with  Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) Program.

We Offer:

Program Types:

As we consider our future, and how we will support communities, it becomes apparent that we work hard for one reason only;

The Residence of  Communities …

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